The Amazing Art of David “Sketch” Butler

As you may know from my last post, a few years ago I went to Grad School.  While I never finished, I don’t for one moment regret the decision, and one of the main reasons are the great people that I met while there.  One of the friends I made while in Ohio is David, an absolutely amazing human being and a spectacular artist.  The things that this man can do with a pain brush will amaze you.  Well, I’ll just let him show you…

David is incredible, but what is even better is what he is trying to do with his art.  David is currently working on putting together a show called the “My Idyll” project.  With this series, David is re-interpreting the covers of old romance novels and making them more realistic depictions of the real world around us.  In the video below (which you should really watch because he explains the project much more profoundly that I can) he describes how most romance novels all have white people on the covers and the settings don’t look like real life.  And the titles?  Give me a break.  So, David is re-depicting the novels in a more contemporary and realistic way.  The focus on romance is because is it such a large part of our cultural narrative- we are taught a fantasy that may not match our own experiences (this is something I can relate to as a woman obsessed with romantic comedies).  Never the less, love is important and should be explored.

Really, just watch this video and let David explain:

I wrote this post today because I believe in what David is doing and I want to share his beautiful work.  Check out more of David’s pieces at and on  And, if you feel so moved, consider giving a little something to the My Idyll project.  David- you’re the best, keep doing what you are doing!

On an only slightly related note, I wanted to share a video from that one of my friends posted on facebook today.  Take a moment to laugh with Louis C.K. and hear the message about white privilege and not forgetting our history.  I think it’s too important and funny to not share.  Enjoy!