Let a New Adventure Begin!

Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at this blog thing everyone seems to be doing, dipping my toe ever so hesitantly into this brave new online world. Why? I’m still trying to work all the pieces of that out.

Two weeks ago I turned 29, and it really made me start to think about things I want to accomplish before my twenties come to a close. If I look at my life truthfully, I’m not currently the person that I want to be; or more importantly, know that I can be.  There are parts of what make me who I am that have fallen by the wayside, and goals I have long held that I am not working to fulfill.  So, in this new year both of the calendar and biologically, and feeling a sense of renewed hope as our President is re-inagurated today, I set out to attempt living a more authentic and rewarding life.  Writing this blog along the way will hopefully serve as as both a means to keep me accountable and allow me to explore areas of importance to me in a new way by writing about them.

This is not an easy step for me to take.  It is really quite terrifying to be putting myself into the world in such a manner and makes me feel exposed and vulnerable.  It is also humbling as I question, “Who am I to think my voice is so important that I need to share it with the world?”  None the less, here I go- and I hope you will share this adventure with me.



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